The 2nd promotion of About:Blank at Monoqi

‎This time, you can find all products of About:Blank with 10%~25% discount. Follow this link: The event goes on until 15th January. Shipping is only available within European Union countries.

Monoqi, an online retailer based in Berlin, Germany, has a collection of trendy, innovative design goods appealing to creatives, design professionals and trendsetters. 



  1. John / April 8, 2015 Hi, I liked your chair you built and the video you posted on FB!
    I'd like to know how much that chair you built is?
    How can I get one?
    I also, would like to know if I have a design on a chair or two how can I get you to build it?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    John Marshall
    [email protected]
    • Seungho / May 14, 2015 Hi John, please send us an email to seungho [a] if you're interested in purchasing the Folding Chair. As indicated, the chair is made by Punavuoren Puuhevonen in Helsinki, and you can certainly contact them. Reply
  2. Nathanael Panela / August 25, 2015 Hello Seungho.
    I would like to inquire for the price of the wooden chairs you've built?
    I'm interested to further know other details.

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