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About:Blank is exhibiting at a contemporary interior design exhibition in London from the 24th to 27th of September 2009. Please visit us at 100% Design London: 100% Futures / Stand No. G95. Our guests who register via About Blank’s registration page before the 18th September will receive their badges granting them entry to the show for free.

About Blank pre-registration page for guests
About Blank at 100% Design London 2009 exhibitor directory
100% Design London official website

  1. george greco / January 27, 2018 Press inquiry
    • If you have a pass code, click here.
    • If you don’t have one yet, please email us with contact detail below.
    1. Company
    2. Name
    3. Phone
    4. Email
    5. Specific inquiry – a pass code for general press kit will be sent out unless otherwise inquired.
    Press material inquiry
    press [a] itsaboutblank.com.
    george j greco company
    george john greco
    [email protected]
    blank folding chair {s] gross each ___ piece [s] ?.
    Seungho Lee
    Partner, designer
    seungho [a] aboutblank.co
    +358 45 1291300
    Helsinki, Finland
    Seunghoon Lee
    Managing director
    seunghoon [a] aboutblank.co
    +82 10 5280 1980
    Seoul, Korea
    Hyunsun Park
    Partner, designer
    hyunsun [a] aboutblank.co
    +358 40 8141399
    Helsinki, Finland
    thank you
    oak . maple , mahograng
    3/4 plywood

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